Dummy Training

Dummy training originated in Great Britain, where it was developed for training hunting dogs. The dummy is a canvas bag with a plastic or sawdust filling, in various weights. In this form of training it simulates the small game to be retrieved. The dog can be trained in marking, searching and retrieving with the help of the dummy without having to use real game every time. Until today dummies are an important part in the training of hunting dogs. But also family and companion dogs are trained by the dummy training in their Retrieval skills, attention and teamwork skills promoted. In the meantime, dummy training has established itself as an independent discipline.

Arbeiten am Wasser

At Water

In water work, the Toller can show his absolute will to work. It is very versatile and gives the Toller extra pleasure. Steadyness and eagerness to work are required here.



On meadows or in the forest, the Toller retrieves both visibly placed dummies (markings or blinds). The same can be done with furred and feathered game.

Below are two videos showing the Toller at work

Tooling at the Lake

Shot and Apport